• Aquatic Play Unit Repair
  • WaterPark Maintenance
  • Aquatic Play Unit Maintenance
  • WaterPark Construction Inc.
  • WaterPark Construction Inc.

Offering: full restoration interior (GELCOAT) exterior, marine grade paint, buffing, waxing, minor or major fiberglass repairs, caulking, power washing, painting, installation, and demolition.

The best way to keep your slides looking great is to start protecting it from day one. Naturally, over time your slides begin to take a toll from the constant sun, rain, and chemicals they are exposed to. So that’s where our maintenance team comes in to revive the exterior and interior of your slides bringing back their original luster and significantly expanding the life of your water slides. You will have the option for us to do a full Re-Gel coat, keeping your existing color scheme or you can choose to change it up and go for a whole new look of color. Either way you will be left satisfied and confident that your slides are ready for your busy season.

Yearly maintenance of your Aquatic play unit slides will help protect and extend the life of the gelcoat. Having a professional clean, de-scale, polish, and wax your slides ensures the work is being done properly and the gelcoat is not unnecessarily damaged by improper use of a high-speed buffer or improper cleaning agents.

We also re-caulk the interior seams. Additionally, The Experts in Slides, LLC performs an inspection and provides a report of areas of safety concern and recommended future maintenance.


  • Aquatic Play Unit and Spray Feature Maintenance
  • Waterslide and Tower Maintenance
  • Waxing & Buffing of Interior Slides
  • Cleaning of the Exterior of Slides
  • Painting Water Slide Exteriors
  • Repair of Minor Scratches, Chips or Blemishes
  • Re-Caulking Joints
  • Interior Resurfacing of Slides
  • Yearly Maintenance Plans
  • Entire Re-Gelcoat / Resurfacing
  • Minor gelcoat chips and cracks repair
  • Polishing and Waxing
  • Water slide leak repairs
  • Water slide joint inspection, realignment and repairs
  • Water slide interior surface cleaning and buffing

Minor Fiberglass Repairs:

  • Chips
  • Blister Repair
  • Stress Cracks
  • Spider Cracking